Proposed Constitutional Changes October 2016

Due to some changes to the ASANNA Structure, as well as some other changes, the ASANNA Constitution is up for review again. As per our Constitution, as our members, you get a say in what the document says!

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To make things easier, click here to see a list of all the changes for you to understand.

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If you are unsure what is involved with this process, please email before casting your vote. Votes are due by COB 7th November 2016.


ASANNA Board and Committee 2016/17

On the 17th and 18th October, Members of the ASANNA team met for an opportunity to brainstorm together and develop a strategic plan for the coming months and years. We also held our Annual General Meeting, where voting was finalised for the new positions for 2016/17. We are very excited to announce that the following people comprise our Board, Representative Committee and Ambassador group:
President: Tianna Camilleri
Vice President: Kadee Jones
Secretary: Katie Tonkin-Wright
Treasurer/Fundraising Officer: Jamie-Lee Guiver and Kirby Reynolds
Media/Communications Officer: Andrea Jansen Van Rensburg and Sian Tondut
Director: Stephanie Jeremy
Queensland State Coordinator: Caitlin McElligott
New South Wales State Coordinator: Catherine Donald
Australian Capital Territory Coordinator: Shelayah McMillan
Victorian State Coordinator: Rebecca Lanigan
Tasmanian State Coordinator: Katherine Loader
South Australian State Coordinator: Candace Bavaresco
Western Australia State Coordinator: Jessica Scenini
Northern Territory Coordinator: Vacant
 State Ambassadors:
Queensland State Ambassador: Louise Lommerse
Victorian State Ambassador: Gerald (Tatenda) Mutubuki
Tasmanian State Ambassador: Lauren Butler
South Australian State Ambassador: Jeanie Inglis
Western Australian State Ambasador: Deisha Price
ASANNA is very excited to work with this team over the coming months.
ASANNA also has room for up to 5 ambassadors per state – there are a position we’d like to be filled by people who are new to representative groups or would like to contribute, but don’t have a lot of time to give. If you, or if you know someone who is interested, please email

2016 AGM and CORE Event 17th and 18th October

Get in quick to attend ASANNA’s 2016 Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Council of Representatives and Executive (CORE) held on the 17th and 18th October at QUT Kelvin Grove Campus in Brisbane.

For your chance to join the executive, submit your application via this form. Applications close COB 7th October, so get in quick! Applicants can apply to have their flights to this event funded!

Email for more information

ASANNA would like to thank our sponsors for this event – SILVER Sponsor – The Australian Primary Health Care Nurses (APNA), as well as CRANAplus and Work the World


Welcome to the Australian Student And Novice Nurse Association

Welcome and thanks for visiting the ASANNA website!

We would like to introduce you to ASANNA with a little bit of History

ASANNA was in the planning stages for a several years and had an accidental launch on Facebook mid 2013. Essentially, someone found our website and shared it, and the growth has not stopped from that point on.

How ASANNA came to be is a bit of a story

Our President – Steph Jeremy commenced studying Nursing at the University of Canberra in 2008, with a strong passion for rural, remote and Indigenous Health. UC had a rural health club called CRANC who were part of the National Rural Health Student Network (NRHSN)where Steph got involved, becoming treasurer and then the Senior Nursing representative  for the NRHSN, which is essentially an executive position representing Australian student nurses interested in rural and remote nursing.

Steph was invited to become the nursing representative on the interim Council for Future Health Leaders (FHL), and then became the Nursing rep on the inaugural FHL council working in a multidisciplinary team, set up under Health Workforce Australia.

Throughout all of this, Steph said she kept on coming up against a big stumbling block – “why, when nursing was the largest health profession,  didn’t nursing students have their own association when most other disciplines did? Why, when many major stakeholders wanted to hear from the student voice, was it not accessible?”. There was an increasing need for a voice for the student and the novice cohort, and by default, Steph felt she ended up being in a lot of these positions to try to supply the voice. She felt uncomfortable about this as Australia’s nursing students did not elect her to this position, but she was still trying to represent them at a governmental level. It didn’t seem right.

Steph wondered what would happen if we started to nurture our students, and helped them all be aware of, and take advantage of the opportunities they often did not know were out there. What if we helped them be stronger, more self empowered and emotionally intelligent before they arrived on a ward as a novice nurse and got smashed by the system. We could effectively begin a positive cultural change in our students and shape the future of nursing……

SO, Steph worked on her own for a few years, trying to make contact with existing leaders and organisations, doing some research in her spare time, talking to mentors etc and this idea/passion/necessity got a name – ASANNA.

From there Steph met up with the previous Co-President Carol and they tapped into the friends and networks they had access to, to form the first ASANNA working party.

We all unanimously agreed that ASANNA needed to be independent and separate to other organisations, but given all nursing associations have/want/need students in them, we could work with all of the other orgs to support their student members. As other organisations have many competing priorities, often directed by their boards, we found that student or novice issues sometimes became diluted. We wanted to have one organisation whose sole focus was Students and Novices so that the issues and support for this cohort were always first and foremost.

Fast forward to today and we have certainly come a long way, and of course there is a long way to go.

We would love it if you joined us in changing the future of Nursing